2 thoughts on “Getaway Booked (KD)

  1. Hi, new to this concept. Does it mean they are full when there initials on the dates?
    Do you/I need to get other people to sign up and come?
    Is there a base price?
    Do you bring prepared food?

    1. Hey Karen,
      Yes, when you see initials and the text “Getaway booked”, it means someone has reserved that time slot.
      The Getaway is designed for groups, so yes you would need to find others to join you. We can accommodate 12 people.
      There is a flat fee per night: Sunday through Thursday is $300, Friday and Saturday is $550.
      There is a kitchen stocked with dishes and cookware for you to do all your cooking.
      I’m at the store if you have any other questions: 651-452-8891 Thanks! Sue H.

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